I like to call myself a shopping artist. Whenever I get some time off from London escorts, I start to plan what I need to buy. My wardrobe is full of all of the stuff that I bought since joining the agency, and I do keep a track of it. My friends here at he agency cannot believe how much that I am into shopping, but I do really like it. The thing is that you can be sensible with shopping and you do not need to spend too much money.


Some of the girls here at London escorts could not handle shopping like me. They love spending money, but I like shopping more than spending money. I always set myself a budget and I stick to it. That is what so many of my friends at the agency find hard to do, and to be honest, I think that most of the girls at the escort agency are never going to be able to do it. It just too much for them and they cannot handle keeping an eye on figures.


The trick is to shop to a routine. Once a month, I will have a week when I only buy skin care. I set a budget and at the end of that week, I make sure that I have not gone over it. Skincare is something that you need a lot of when you work for London escorts and I make sure that I pick up all of the good stuff at bargain prices. The best place to find that is online and I have a couple of favourite online retailers. It saves a lot of money shopping for skincare online.


The following week, I may just check out if I need anything in the way of lingerie or clothes. One thing that I have found about shopping online for lingerie and clothes, is that a lot of retailers discount stuff on line. The bigger department stores may not discount there stuff in store, but they certainly do so online. Like I say to the other girls at London escorts, I have a lot of nice clothes because I shop online for all the better bits.


I do like to food shop as well, and I often do that on my way home from London escorts. Saving money online with food shopping is not that easy these days. But, I must admit that a lot of the bigger supermarkets reduce their food later on in the day. Sometimes, I just pop over to Marks and Spencer and I have been able to pick up some good bargains. The other day I got two chickens for £5 and that will last a long time in my home. There are bargains everywhere, and if you like to shop, don’t splash the cash, become a  bargain hunter instead. I promise you that you will get a real kick out of it. So much better than ending up with credit card bills. btw, if you want to know more about lovely escorts click for the nicest escorts



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