My London Escorts colleague and I disagree on something and we’re wondering about. is it better to be with someone who’s more your opposite so you don’t get bored with each other, or should you try to find someone who’s more like you. if by bored with each other you mean a peaceful relationship where you’re not always bickering over minor annoyances and major issues, that’s one of those things where it’s like people believe that somehow getting along all the time well, that’s just boring who wants to get along with the person they’re dating with all the time this concept is kind of weird.

Truth be told you might want to see a licensed therapist who can help you sort out why you might be drawn to unnecessary drama in your life. If you are the kind of person who tends to seek out contrarian you know fighting with people a lot and stuff. It’s something that might have a lot to do with your childhood or your parents or something that just needs to be sorted out with a professional.

look at your friends are they any of your opposites like most of us tend to make friends with people that we have a lot in common with you know same interests, if you’re in a surfing you hang out with your surfing buddies, if you’re into bowling you hang out with your bowling league buddies, if you’re the kind of person who’s outgoing and adventurous you hang out with other outgoing and adventurous people.

Don’t confuse opposite with complimentary, being opposites doesn’t mean you balance each other out so this be an example of complementary “Male: hey I’m going to do some laundry” Female: “I love that I love doing the dishes and you love doing the laundry we complement each other perfectly”

romantic comedies perpetuate this myth, I mean you see it over and over again you know pretty woman’s a classic example total opposites and we’re supposed to believe they magically fall in love and balance each other out and you know it’s almost unheard of in real life, I mean every now and then you know you see exceptions every now and then, you meet a couple and they seem to be opposites and you think wow how do they do it right, because it is more likely that we are going to fall in love with people more like us says London Escorts from

I mean think of every time you’ve ever told a friend about somebody that you thought was with the perfect person for them. “you know oh my best friend and his wife they’re the perfect couple they’re like this and they both love this and they both love Indian food and they both love bowling” you tend to name all the things they have in common and how much alike they are with why they’re perfect for each other.

it turns out studies show that I’m right studies show that being similar in personality and interests is a greater predictor of marital stability and happiness, and people with opposing viewpoints and different personalities are more likely to repel each other than attract each other.

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